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Women's Day

International Women's Day is celebrated annually on March 8th to honour and acknowledge the achievements and contributions of women throughout history. It also serves as a call to action for gender equality. The celebration includes events, campaigns, and discussions worldwide, focusing on empowering women and promoting awareness of gender issues. It is a moment to recognize the progress made while highlighting the ongoing challenges in the pursuit of gender equality.


Vijayadasami, also known as Dussehra. The day is significant for various cultural and religious events, including the worship of goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. In many regions, it is also a time for children to initiate their education, starting with the ceremony of Aksharabhyasam, where they are introduced to reading and writing.

School tour

A school tour is an educational excursion organized for students, providing them with opportunities to learn outside the classroom environment. These tours often include visits to museums, historical sites, science centers, or other places of educational interest. The aim is to enhance students' understanding of subjects, encourage interactive learning, and foster a sense of curiosity. School tours contribute to a holistic education by offering students real-world experiences that complement their academic studies.

Theme project

A theme project involves exploring a specific topic or concept in-depth, allowing individuals or groups to delve into various aspects and present their findings creatively. These projects are often used in educational settings to encourage research, critical thinking, and presentation skills. The chosen theme can range from historical events and scientific phenomena to social issues or artistic movements. The goal is to deepen understanding and foster a more comprehensive appreciation of the chosen theme.

Teachers Citation day

Teachers Citation day is to honour educators and recognize their contributions to shaping the future. This day highlights the importance of teachers and the role they play in providing quality education. The celebration often includes various events, ceremonies, and expressions of gratitude to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of teachers in ACHARIYA.

Sports day Inauguration

Sports day inaugurations mark the commencement of an event dedicated to various athletic activities and competitions within a school, organization, or community. These inaugurations often include ceremonies, speeches, and symbolic gestures to signify the beginning of the sports festivities. The goal is to promote physical fitness, teamwork, and healthy competition among participants. Sports day inaugurations contribute to fostering a spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie while encouraging individuals to showcase their athletic talents.

Spiral meditation

"Spiral meditation" typically refers to a mindfulness or meditative practice that involves focusing on a spiral pattern visually or conceptually. The spiral is often considered a symbol of growth, evolution, and interconnectedness. Practitioners may use the spiral as a point of concentration during meditation to enhance focus, promote relaxation, and facilitate a sense of inner balance. While variations of spiral meditation exist, the fundamental idea is to engage with the symbolic or visual representation of a spiral as a tool for centering the mind and deepening the meditative experience.

Kids' carnival

A kids' carnival is a festive event designed specifically for children, featuring a variety of entertainment, games, and activities. Carnivals often include attractions such as rides, games , face painting, mehandhi and live performances tailored to a younger audience. These events aim to create a fun and lively atmosphere, fostering enjoyment and community engagement for children and their families. Kids' carnivals are commonly organized by schools, communities, or local organizations, providing a memorable and entertaining experience for young participants.

Parents' visits

Parents' visits to schools are essential occasions for fostering communication and collaboration between educators and families. These visits provide parents with insights into their child's learning environment, curriculum, and school activities. They may include parent-teacher conferences, open houses, or special events showcasing student projects and achievements. Such interactions strengthen the partnership between parents and educators, allowing for a better understanding of a child's progress and addressing any concerns collaboratively. Parents' visits also contribute to a supportive and engaged school community.


"Thoppukaranam" is a traditional Indian exercise or ritual that involves a unique combination of physical movements, often performed as a form of worship or physical discipline. It is commonly practiced in our Achariya Sri Sampourna Vidayalayam. The practice is often considered a form of physical discipline, offering both physical and mental benefits.

Brain gym

"Brain Gym" refers to a set of movements and exercises designed to promote learning readiness and enhance cognitive abilities. Brain Gym incorporates specific physical activities, often simple and rhythmic, with the goal of improving concentration, memory, and overall brain function. Practitioners of Brain Gym believe that these movements stimulate the brain and help create a state of alertness and readiness for learning.

Logical Intelligence

Logical intelligence involves the ability to analyze problems logically, perform mathematical operations, and think critically. Individuals with strong logical intelligence often excel in logical reasoning, abstract thinking, and problem-solving.

Karthikai Deepam

"Karthikai Deepam" emphasizing its significance in promoting the victory of light over darkness. Such celebrations aim to instill cultural values, promote diversity, and provide students with insights into the rich heritage associated with the festival.

Investiture ceremony

An investiture ceremony typically involves the presentation of badges, sashes, or other symbols of office to signify the official roles individuals will undertake. It is a momentous occasion where leaders, such as student council members, captains, or executives, are officially recognized and assume their designated roles. Investiture ceremonies are significant for fostering leadership and responsibility.

Divya Nithra

Divya Nithra has the power nap which helps in focusing the class and extracurricular activities. Helps in remembering the subjects and refreshes the mind for wide thinking

Grandparents Day

The Grandparents' Day celebration is a heartwarming event that brought together generations, fostering a strong sense of family and community. Students, along with their grandparents, participated in various activities, performances, and shared moments of joy. This celebration not only honoured the invaluable role that grandparents play in the lives of our students but also created cherished memories and strengthened the bonds between different generations within our school community

Blind Fold Drawing

The artistic skills of the children are groomed from a very early stage in Montessori education system the students are given more exposure and opportunities to develop the special visual intelligence the blind fold activity develops the curriculum to the next levels .the students are also given special training in mind mapping to understand the concepts clearly in all subjects.

Tobacco Free Rally

The Tobacco-Free Rally organized at our school was a proactive initiative to raise awareness about the hazards of tobacco use and promote a healthier lifestyle among students. This event brought together the school community to advocate for a tobacco-free environment through informative sessions, interactive activities, and a collective rally. By fostering a sense of responsibility and education, the rally aimed to contribute to a tobacco-free culture within the school and inspire positive health choices among students.