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Dive into a world of academic excellence at our school, where we foster a dynamic learning environment. Our dedicated faculty, innovative curriculum, and advanced resources create a platform for students to thrive intellectually. Explore a comprehensive academic program designed to nurture critical thinking, creativity, and a lifelong love for learning, shaping well-rounded individuals prepared for future success." "Experience quality education aligned with the CBSE curriculum at our school. Our commitment to academic excellence is reflected in a curriculum that blends rigorous standards with innovative teaching methodologies. Explore a learning environment that prepares students for holistic development, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful academic journey and beyond."

Academics Details

  • To help the students to develop their personality through workshops.
  • Project is a vital part of the school curriculum. The annual education project, with a theme and unique feature of school.
  • ECA inculcated to each and every achariyan for their betterment of their life according to BMIT report.
  • Daily SMS will be send by the office admin and which will be followed by the class teacher of all classes with the confirmation of the Principal and the message will be send through the broadcast group.
  • Home fun will be send by the class teacher through Never skip and Whatsapp and at last send by the responsible class teacher.
  • Education tour planned with the teacher and instructions given by the Principal to take over all the duties which were assigned for the teachers.
  • Field trip—meeting will be conducted for the teachers to follow the instructions how to take the trip in a successful manner for the structions enrichment.
  • Theme project-instructions given to the teachers and concept will be discussed and then all then all the materials given to the students to bring out the talents.
  • Oneness meditation—pre planned by the teachers with the help of the Principal and that process will be applied to bring a successful one.
  • Pat-meeting-meeting will be conducted for the teachers and then the instructions which will be applicable for the teachers should be followed in the open day.
  • Duties allotted for the teachers regarding assembly-as per the instruction given the Principal it will be followed by the teachers to enrich the students.
  • With the prior intimation got from the Principal, we the teachers will follow the instructions which will enrich the students by conducting the program in a delightful manner-uper mom contest.
  • Wow wellness program—with the intimation by the teacher we the teachers enrich the parents to participate in this program to be purposeful one.
  • General SMS send for the students to enrich them in all aspects which will be assigned by the teachers.
  • Broadcast group is for the students to update them personally with positive rapport by sending all messages to them.
  • COMMUNICATION card helps the students to develop good relationship between the friends, relatives, and neighbors to know about the condition regarding.

MI WAY Books - All in One Book

  • Choosing a Montessori environment for your child has many benefits.
  • Each child is valued as a unique individual.
  • Beginning at an early age, Montessori nurtures order, concentration, and independence.
  • Students are part of a close, caring community.
  • Montessori students enjoy freedom within limits.
  • Students are supported in becoming active seekers of knowledge.
  • Self-correction and self-assessment are an integral part of the Montessori classroom approach.
  • Montessori supports social-emotional skills.

Toon Times

    This book is based on the theory that memory is enhanced with the association of words with the physical movement.

  • It is also closely associated with the theories of language acquisition in young children, where the physically respond to commands, such as ” Pick it up” and Put it down”.
  • It’s an approach used to teach language by listening and carrying out instructions the language can be easily learnt as infants learn their mother tongue before being able to speak.
  • TOON TIMES is also recognised as “The period of silent learning “during which the learner is absorbing a new language.

Non Academics

  • Open day-parent teachers meeting, to know about the child`s performance in academic and non-academics to the parents.
  • Parent’s orientation program-to gives the general message for the student’s part which will be discussed by the Principal.
  • Circular-the circular send to the parent to give aware about the fee, tour instructions willing confirmation, etc.
  • Face book-updating all the activities done by the students to good rapport in and around the parent and other people.
  • Curriculum Details (Lists+Images+Content)
  • Teaching Plan & Methods

Super Speed Cards

    This develops the Reading skills and enhances the kids vocabulary in English, Tamil and Number reading and Number identification in Maths.

  • We practice Maths and English speed cards for Mont-1
  • We practice Tamil , English, Maths speed cards for Mont-2

Teaching methodology

    Discover our commitment to innovation in education through our unique teaching methodologies. At our school, we embrace interactive lessons, project-based learning, and technology integration to cultivate a dynamic and engaging classroom experience. Our educators are dedicated to inspiring curiosity and critical thinking, fostering an environment where students actively participate in their learning journey. Explore the innovation that defines our approach to education." With a focus on individualized attention and fostering critical thinking skills, our teaching methods aim to prepare students for success in academics and beyond, ensuring a holistic and enriching educational journey."

    Experience education with a difference through our innovative teaching methodology. Our school adopts a student-centric approach, blending interactive lessons, real-world applications, and collaborative projects. Embracing technology, creative assessments, and personalized learning, our methodology aims to ignite curiosity and prepare students for the challenges of the future. Explore the exciting ways we make learning a dynamic and engaging adventure

The following are the Teaching Tools

Teacher Portal

  • For Grade 1 to 5 we follow MyPedia syllabus by using ACHARIYA Teaching Methodology.Pearson My Pedia”Taking Learning Further” Excellency in Education. Introduction of a Pearson’s Mypedia, prepares our children from Grade:1 to 5 towards Excellence in learning .

Teacher App

  • Access digital content and ebooks.
  • Share practice assessments with students and receive detailed reports.
  • Personalize learning through assignments for students
  • Create discussion forums and interact with student groups even when not in school

Activity kit

A kit with all the collaterals for an activity organised at Pearson schools like Art Attack, Wordazzle, Fun with Numbers, etc., are templatized. Classroom Activity Kits Include :

  • Settings: whole class, small group, learning centres Saves preparation time
  • Provides an entry point for students at all levels through differentiation options
  • Promotes conceptual and procedural understanding of big ideas
  • Moves students along a progression of math learning
  • Provides purposeful play
  • Meets curriculum requirements with 100 percent coverage of Canadian provincial curricula

Teaching Plans

  • Integrate course books, worksheets, in-class digital content and assessments
  • Each session designed in accordance with the 5i and 4e processes of learning
  • Help teachers in chalking out daily academic plans with ease
  • Includes learner-centric class activities
  • An activity-based project for every chapter