Welcome to Sri Sampourna Vidhyalayam, Celebrating 5 star rated school in Puducherry
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About Us

Why Sri Sampourna Vidhyalayam

Achariya Sri Sampourna Vidhyalayam located at Achariyapuram, Villianur, Puducherry is the 5 star rated school in Puducherry with an extraordinary academic streamlined record. The co-education school found in 2005 is imaged by Achariya Educational public trust. During its life span ASSV has developed tremendously with an expertise one in various aspects. The school is well equipped with surplus facilities like Spacious classrooms, Hostel facility, Science, Computer lab, Music room, Kinder garden, Playground, Tennis court, Football court, Hockey ground, Never skip, Broad cast group, SMS updation,ERP fee updation, online fee payment and 24/7 CCTV Surveillance.

Achariya Sri Sampourna Vidhyalayam has steadily grown with 21st century skills and the experience that current employer’s need. The school located at the bank of the Changrabarani River adds beauty to the serene environment and nature. It lets the child to explore their hidden treasure and its innovative curriculum is based on ambidexterity, Divyadhristy, DivyaVidhya, Divyadharshan, Moral virtue in ethics, Life skills, and 7 habits

Our Motto

To make suitable changes in the PHYSICAL, MENTAL, INTELLECTUAL, EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL PERSONALITY of every child and to develop and elevate him to lead a higher degree of life enabling him to outdo and excel in his present nature and elevate to become an ACHARIYAN.
  • To promote all-round development of the child.
  • To stimulate love of learning for a lifetime.
  • To develop Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional and Spiritual Strength.
  • To encourage Team Spirit and to nurture individual and group excellence.
  • To provide World-Class infrastructure and Faculty.
  • To focus on Multiple Intelligence in the upbringing of children.
  • To nurture human values which help the student to face the challenges of life and be successful in life.
  • To help and find the real potentials hidden in the children and bring out to excel.
  • “Dancing is like dreaming with your feet “ with all love, joy and happiness grade-9 students participated in zonal-IV dance competition and won 2nd place
  • “Every need is met at normal speed. Happy to share that our grade-3 Rajas and Ranis showcased their talents in theme project.
  • “A garden of purple is always in bloom” yes our daffodils of purple color garnish our garden in a charitable way in purple day celebration.
  • Shine like the stars, happily sharing that our PRE-MONT, MONT I and MONT II shining like a star for the whole month with a gleaming eyes.
  • Happy, willingly and smilingly. Our Rajas and Ranis from grade -3 to grade-8 participated in fancy dress competition and showcased their proficiency.
  • “Colors are the smiles of nature” happy to share that grade-4 to grade-9 visited Garuda park in an excitement.
  • “A good cleanse can reset yours body and mind”. Happily, willingly and smilingly students are doing the Kriya during smilingly the assembly.
  • “Meditation brings peace and kind, Proud to share that 21st of every month we enriched our students to set in spiral meditation by empowering their minds”.
  • With all love you and happiness, ‘I can, You can, we can, If not an achariyan who can. We invited a resourceful person Mrs. Jayarani English professor of Government College for the Linguistic day celebration and also honored her with small taken of love”.
  • “Origami may someday even save your life”. Our Rains participated in visual spatial intelligence and proved their talents”.
  • Happy to share that “On founder’s day” In ASSV, we implemented the greeting card system for the birthday child during the assembly to honored them”.
  • “Happy to share that our Rajas and Ranis from grade 5 to grade 10 participated in drawing competition on the topic Save water.” By writing the slogan on the given banner”.
  • “With all love, joy and happiness we celebrated Women’s day on March 8 and honored each and every staff by our Principal with a small token of love”.
  • Picasso of our school Raja Saran drawn our beloved brother jis picture through glitter art.
  • During the assembly our students are showcasing Thoppukaranam to bring a fresh mind set, towards the whole day.
  • Happily, Willingly and Smilingly Rajas and Ranis are following Brain Gym Exercises to bring out the inner hidden potential of every individual.
  • Happy to share that House wise Football match conducted at our school premises.
  • Hard work beats talent” Our physical education department conducted Spots meet by following norms of it and House wise caption honored by our Principal along with the physical department.
  • Opportunity makes a difference, the investiture ceremony celebrated in our school by honoring the Students.
  • Mallakhamb is a traditional sport, Our Rajas and Ranis displayed Mallakhamb on Independence day celebration.
  • Pre-primary Rajas and Ranis celebrated Krishnajayanthi by following the customs and cultures.
  • Happy to share our Rajas and Ranis from grade-1 to grade-8 participated in Cihinmaya chanting conducted by the Tamil department and won prizes.
  • Our Rajas and Ranis participated Onam festival by dancing thiruvatharsakali.
  • We Achariya sri sampourna vidyalayam inaugurated Jai ho club by honoring the students with the hierarchical position. It was a pried and proud moment for each and every achariyan.
  • Our Rajas and Ranis went to rally on the project Tobacco free zone of puducherry and make an awareness through position from Achariya sri sampouranam vidyalayam villianur.

Feeling Good

  • Happy schooling
  • Happy classroom
  • Vibrant learning Environment
  • Lovable teachers
  • Montessori learning equipments
  • Meditation
  • Shambala
  • Project based learning
  • Good rapport between teachers and parents
  • Children safety
  • Activity based learning
  • Digital classroom
  • Individuality of the students
  • Mindfulness & Wellbeing of the children
  • Strong Resilience Skills
  • Physical education
  • Positive Self-Perception
  • Positive emotion and emotional stability of the ACHARIYANS.
  • Positive relationship with all
  • Celebrations
  • Divyadrishti
  • Divyadharshan
  • MahaKalaUtsav

Knowing Good

  • Spiritual connect
  • Happy classroom
  • Happy schooling
  • Lovable teachers
  • Spiritual Pyramids
  • Shambala
  • Sports Day
  • Intelligence based Competitions
  • Project based learning
  • Different teaching methodologies
  • ACHARIYA anthem
  • Vibrant Morning Assembly
  • Montessori
  • Citation Day
  • Kids Park
  • Playground
  • Kreya Lab
  • Positive attitude
  • Quality Education
  • ECA Activities
  • Children safety
  • Physical education
  • Co-curricular activities