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School Norms

Uniform makes and gives the pride beauty on their face while walking it brings oneness among the students. Where students and teachers wear uniforms from Monday to Thursday, Friday teachers allowed to come in a colour dress.

Kingdom System (Leader in Me)

The students are segregated into four groups namely Chera, Chola, Pandya, and Pallava. Our school cabinet consists of school pupil leader 7 habits schedules, to guide the classes. The kingdom leaders motivate them to participate in curricular and co-curricular activities under the guidance of the kingdom leaders.

  1. Every week the best cleanliness award will be given.
  2. Star of the month will be awarded every month.
  3. M.I celebration will be celebrated every end of the month.
  4. Cultural conducted to create unity in diversity among all religions.

Academics Excellence

  1. To help the students to develop their personality through workshops.
  2. Project is a vital part of the school curriculum. The annual educational project, with a theme and unique feature of school.
  3. ECA inculcated to each and every ACHARIYAN for their betterment of their life according to the BMIT report.
  4. Daily SMS will be send by the office admin and which will be followed by the class teacher of all classes with the confirmation of the principal and the message will be send through the broadcast group.
  5. Home fun will be send to the class teachers through school whatsapp and at last send by the responsible class teacher.
  6. Educational tour planned with the teachers and instructions given by the principal to take over all the duties which was assigned for the teachers.
  7. Field trip – meeting will be conducted for the teachers to follow the instructions how to take the trip in a successful manner for the students enrichment.
  8. Theme project- instructions given to the teachers and concept will be discussed and then all the materials given to the students to bring out the talents.
  9. Oneness meditation – pre-planned by the teachers with the help of the principal and that process will be applied to bring a successful one.
  10. PTA – Meeting – a meeting will be conducted for the teachers and then the instructions which will be applicable for the teachers should be followed on the open day.
  11. Duties allotted for the teachers regarding assembly – as per the instruction given by the principal it will be followed by the teachers to enrich the students.
  12. With the prior intimation got from the principal, we the teachers will follow the instructions which will enrich the students by conducting the program in a delightful manner.
  13. Wow, wellness program- with the intimation by the teacher we the teachers enrich the parents to participate in this program to be a purposeful one.
  14. General SMS send for the students to enrich them in all aspects which will be assigned By the teacher
  15. The broadcast group is for the students to update them personally with positive rapport by sending all messages to them.
  16. COMMUNICATION card helps the students to develop a good relationship between friends, relatives, and
  17. Neighbors, to know about the student’s condition regarding

WOW Schooling

  1. MI celebrating – Developing the students to be versatile people in all the intelligence.
  2. Leader in me- Learning to be a leader in all aspects of developing the Life Skills
  3. DMIT Report- using the latest technology to find out the future career, goal , Character, and intention
  4. Divyadharshan– To make specs-free Zone.
  5. Divyadhrisit – Third eye initiation
  6. Super speed Card –Todays trend tomorrow Future
  7. Toon card – Spoken English Concept
  8. Theme / Skill Project – Developing the 21 st century Skill.
  9. Star Child – Uplifting the toppers in all aspects of academic and
    non-academic beasties.
  10. White Book – Analysing and synthesizing the confident level to become a brave person.
  1. Green book –ArthaPath( Goal Oriented concept)
  2. Yellow Book – Lifetime book forever to achieve all happiness in their Life.
  3. Lift Class – Enriching Session for the Slow Bloomers
  4. Ariya Day – Developing Financial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship
  5. Gantt Chart – Pre-Planed Syllabus Whole Year
  6. Scholarships for deserving and meritorious students.
  7. ACHARIYA values enriched and enlighten their life through the assembly.
  8. General dental check-up and eye check-up is arranged periodically.
  9. The informational skill developed through LSRW.
  10. 3D memory techniques are taught to the students.
  11. Super speed card, Math speed card, Tamil speed card, Reading card toon time all are enriched for the students based on the 21st century Informational Techniques.

Life Skills Activities

  1. As the children grow their ability, roles and responsibilities aspirations, cognitive development will be analyzed and synthesized. 
  2. Take home activity- the students are learning and gaining much more knowledge through MI concept ,7 habits and some other activities ,they are suppose to teach to the parents what they have learnt.
  3. Bring home activity – asking the students to do the activity in their own with the help of the parents concept given by the teachers to kindle the mindpower.
  4. Best out of waste – They are suppose to learn and applying the hand and eye co-ordination by doing the wonderful creative thing to say word of mouth wow with the waste materials.


  1. Olympiad – through this exam students are preparing themselves to get ready for the competitive exams in all aspects by developing the 21st century skills.
  2. Geetha chanting- to bring peace and kind to the mind they are applying memory techniques by reciting the song .
  3. Thirukkural competition – Paving platform to showcase themselves and get rid from the stage fear by developing the memory techniques.
  4. Byju’s-  They are learning beyond the subject to improvise their talents and the app which will be useful for them to enrich their cognitive power.
  5. Inter-National level tournament –Participated and to become a famous person  they went to Singapore to win the “Don” categories in martial art (Karate).
  1. Bima award –  encouraging and Appreciating the toppers for their hard work ,that the most no. of policies will be done in ACHARIYA Institutions.
  2. Swachpuraskar – Won state level award among 50 schools in puducherry – got Rs. 50,000 cash award for the best cleanliness school in the year 2018-19.
  3. Rolling trophy in march past – State level marathon –  to attract the grand circle, students Participated in  Marathonto reach their goal and  got 7th place out of 2000 member around puducherry.
  4. Roller Skating – Won state level  3rd place  on November 2019.
  5. National Level – Won National level 1st 2nd places in karate in the month of December 2019 .


  1. SSV has been awarded for 100% in SSLC Board Examination.
  2. Raja Santhosh, Kailash, Harigupta won 2nd place in state level craft competition.
  3. Raja Srinivasan of Grade X won Rs.400 in Thirukkural Mandram competition.
  4. Rani Keerthana of Grade X won cash prize in Rs.5000 as an inspiring award for the science experiment, Solar cooker.
  1. Rani Sivapriya won gold medal in National Science Olympiad.
  2. Raja Akilesh of Grade VIII got best performer in Silambam conducted by Tamilnadu kalaipayirchi maiyam.
  3. Raja Sanjay of Grade X won sState first rank in international English Olympiad.
  4. Raja Santhosh Kumar of Grade 8 won first place in Kolam in colour powder painting competition


  1. Raja Thariq Basha of Grade V won state level championship in Boxing.
  2. Raja Gokulnathe of Grade IX son gold medal in single spot in archery.
  3. Sri Sampourna Vidyalayam won State level in children’s science congress through the project – effect of copper.
  4. Students won many prizes in Feleronics quiz competition conducted by Febronics.
  5. Sri Sampourna Vidyalayam won the rolling trophy in the march past.
  6. Students of Sri Sampourna Vidyalayam won many prizes in chess conducted by Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College.
  7. Rajas of Grade VIII won State level National Championship in Kho-Kho.
  8. Students of SOF across thousands of schools in Asia won state and International Rank Math Olympiad.
  9. Rani Gayathri of Sri Sampourna Vidyalayam won Rs.5000/- cash award for state best child award.
  10. Sri Sampourna Vidyalayam got award for 100% result. Raja Aravindhakshan and Raja Keerthivasan won Inspired award in science exhibition.
  1. Shyamala of Grade 9 Won II Place in State Level Essay Competition Conducted by Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Nutrandu Vizha.
  2. Raja Thariq Basha Participated in Vth State Rural Games 2017 in Boxing Championship under 14, in the category of 45 kg.
  3. Raja Gokulnath of Grade IX, won gold medal in Archery in single shot Field Archery Association of Pondicherry, organised and proved himself as toxophilite.
  4. Chinmaya Mission -. Rajas and Ranis of Sri Sampourna Vidyalayam won many fabulous Prizes in various level.
  5. Rajas and Ranis of grade IX participated in Regional and State Level Children’s Science Congress through the Project – ” Effects of Copper water on human body”.
  6. Rajas and Ranis of Grade VII and IX participated in Quiz competition conducted by Zebronics.
  7. Manakula Vinayagar Engineering college conducted chess competition for Grade X.
  8. Kho – Kho Participation : State Level National sports day celebration 2017 organised by Kreedo Bharati – Tamil Nadu. Rajas of Grade VIII participated and rocked in the Kho-Kho Game held at chennai.

Sports and Activities

  1. In 2010 – 322 Students Danced With Umbrella for A.R Rahman Song Vandemataram for 11 min 11 sec a Guinness Record.
  2. 285 Pupil Participated in Painting Using Their Pot Prints.
  3. 5450 Pupil Twirling National Flag and Rocked Participated in Guinness Record.
  4. In March 2010 Received Award From Lt. Governor for the Best Result in SSLC Board Exam.
  1. In 2010 S. Kaja Get II Place State Level Badminton Tournament.
  2. In 2010 Sandiya of Grade VI Get Cash Award Rs. 1000/- in Zonalm Level, in State Level on the Topic “SAVE ENERGY SAVE FUTURE”.
  3. Banurekha of VI Std Participated in G.T.V Dance Programme “Thaheda, Thaheda” and Won II Place With Cash Award of Rs.5000/-.
  4. Shyamala of Grade 9 Won II Place in State Level Essay Competition Conducted by Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Nutrandu Vizha.